Reengineering the restaurant experience

Our Manifesto

In the last couple of decades, software has evolved in ways we couldn’t have imagined, yet restaurant software looks almost exactly as it was back in the 2000s.

Current restaurant software focuses only on the current task at hand and they don’t even do a good job at it.

We don’t still don’t have a way to track customer fidelity, boost employee engagement or plan ahead our staff and inventory using historical data.

This lack of tools for better planning results in a worse service and, ultimately, food waste, which is one of the main contributors to global warming.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. This is why we created RestaOS: to bring the ease of use and versatility of modern apps to restaurants worldwide, all while minimizing waste and maximizing profits along the way.

Introducing RestaOS

All encompassing restaurant management
with advanced analytics & forecasting